10 Essential Shopify Apps to Increase Sales for the Holiday Season

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With Christmas almost upon us, shoppers will be clambering to secure those last minute deals. So how do you ensure that these potential buyers are ordering with you and not your competitors? As a Shopify user you have a distinct advantage as there are many brilliant apps you can add to your site. The 10 apps below will ensure a last minute boost before the holiday season is out.

What’s more is that these apps can also keep you in good stead for the January sales. In 2014 sales in January increased by 7% and that trend looks to continue. Due to the fact that after the season of goodwill, people’s attention turn to themselves as they look to spend their Christmas money.

SEO Meta Manager

You may have the best looking site in the world, but if you can’t bring anyone in to see it, then there’s really no point. The word ‘SEO’ in itself can be a real taboo for retailers. I recently visited a customer of ours who confessed to not knowing what it stood for.

Luckily SEO Meta Manager strips away the confusion and offers simple suggestions and fixes to ensure your product’s are being seen. It corrects issues with product descriptions, page speed, out of stock pages and keyword fields just to name a few.


Every single year more than $1.1 trillion is wasted by retailers by overstocking or understocking items. This figure only looks set to rise as well as retailers struggle to manage their inventory over multiple channels.

What’s great about Veeqo is that it automatically syncs your stock across all your channels, preventing you from overselling. An option to send a purchase order to a supplier once a preset minimum order is met avoids any out of stock issues. What’s more it helps retailers manage their accounts, shipping and profit reports across all of their sales channels, in one centralised place.

Sweet Tooth

As a retailer it’s worth remembering that it’s 10 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to nurture a current one. So to get more out of your current customer base you need Sweet Tooth.

It a loyalty program app that rewards points to customers based on events such as purchase, registrations and referrals. A poll from Experian that 3 out of 4 of all US companies reported a positive return on investment based on loyalty programs. Sweet Tooth themselves also note that their average customer shows a 30% increase in sales year on year as a result.

Social Log In

What if I told you that 90% of your website visitors were annoyed by your registration process? Well that is the case. What’s more is that 54% of those people would never come back to your site again either.

The app integrates with popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Google+ to give your users a 1 click registration. This ensures you will get an upsurge in registrations and email addresses to help with your email marketing.

Free Shipping Bar

Unfortunately you don’t get any prizes for guessing what this app is. Simple, free and highly effective, the free shipping bar displays at the top of the store at all times.

Highly effective in busy holiday and very important considering that 88% of customers would be more likely to shop with you if you offered free delivery.


During the lifetime of a customer you send them so many different emails such as order confirmation, abandoned cart (hopefully), shipping updates and password resets. However, isn’t Shopify’s plain text email just a bit…boring?

Spently is the only app that allows you to customize all the emails that Shopify offers with recommended products, unique discount codes, and intelligent ads. Furthermore it also allows you measure the ROI and engagement and you don’t need any coding experience.


A staggering 95% of people who come to your site are looking to consult reviews. Therefore displaying authentic customer reviews on your site is an absolute must to convert those on the fence visitors.

It can be difficult to encourage your customers to leave review but this is where YotPo excels over its rivals. The template allows you to offer a discount and you can also write the review from within the email, without being redirected.


It’s now reported that 45% of all ecommerce sales are made by mobile, therefore ensuring you are offering an easy to use point-to-click interface is imperative.

ShopPad does just that by optimizing your site for mobile and tablet. What’s more is that you can have it up and running in less than 5 minutes, so you can start converting mobile customers straight away.


You may or may not already have related products set up on your site. If so, you’ve made a good start but you can go a step further with LimeSpot.

This app allows you to show popular products from your the rest of site and also via certain categories. Furthermore it remembers their search history and prompts them when they arrive back on the site. Have any products that have had a spurt of sales? You can also display ‘trending products’ on your site.


So far I’ve named 9 great apps for your Shopify that will bring both more traffic and sales. However it’s worthwhile to analyse that data and to find areas of improvement.

Studying and drawing conclusions from your analytics can be a very convoluted process, however SumAll simplifies the whole process for you. The addition of questions marks next to every result makes it accessible for the beginner. The software also allows you to connect your e-commerce store, social, and email marketing data in one place.

This post was written by Richard Protheroe. Richard Protheroe is a content marketing executive at Veeqo, who make online sellers lives easier by connecting all their sales channels.

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