5 Messenger Marketing Campaigns to Boost Customer Engagement and Sales

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Messenger marketing is becoming an increasingly popular way for brands to communicate with their customers. Considering the millions of daily active users on the platform, it’s become an obvious channel to reach out to consumers. Although, just like any other marketing channels, you can’t spam consumers just because they agreed to receive notifications from you. 

In this article, we’re sharing the top Messenger marketing campaigns that your store can run with Flashchat to boost customer engagement and sales. 

Must-have Messenger marketing campaigns 

You’ll see a lot of stores having automated support on the Messenger, but there are many other Messenger marketing campaigns that stores like Insane!, a toy shop use to generate $17,800 worth of extra sales!  

1. Welcome new shoppers 

Not all online shoppers make an interaction or purchase from a store on their first visit. So when they do, it’s important to thank them for trusting your brand and make them feel special. 

When a shopper opts in to receive Messenger notifications from your store, send them a welcome message. Simply thank them for becoming a part of the family or offer a discount for their first-purchase to nudge a conversion. 

A welcome campaign is also a great way to boost  brand recall. If you don’t touch base with this consumer in a timely manner, there’s a high chance they forget about your brand and its products after leaving the store. With so many other stores targeting the same consumer, a nudge similar to this can make a difference between an order being placed or not. 

2. Recover abandoned carts 

Typically an online store suffers from an average cart abandonment rate of 69.75%. In some cases, the abandonment goes up to 80% — that’s quite a few missed sales. Preventing and recovering abandoned carts is one of the biggest challenges faced by merchants. 

You can’t stop an online shopper from exploring other brands and their discounts, but you can re-engage their interest in the products they’ve left behind with a timely nudge through a Messenger marketing campaign. 

Simply send them a reminder that the products they added to the cart are waiting for them or send a sequence of three cart recovery messages. First, that simply displays the products they didn’t purchase; second, a special discount or free shipping and third, a message that hints at the scarcity of the product to create FOMO (fear of missing out.)


3. Share product reviews 

90% of consumer buying decisions are influenced by positive reviews and 86% change their purchase decisions due to negative reviews. Simply put, people trust people and showcasing your reviews and ratings can go a long way (not only on your product pages) 

When a shopper abandons a product, you can re-engage them with Messenger marketing, promoting the product’s reviews. Show them how loved the product is to give them a nudge towards making a purchase. 

You could also use the opportunity to promote similar products and their reviews. It helps your other products get discovered, increasing the chances of the subscriber converting into a customer. 


4. Broadcast promotions 

Most online stores have a weekly newsletter going out to let subscribers know of their ongoing deals, popular products or the launch of a new range. The idea is to remain at the top of the consumer’s mind and keep them engaged with your brand. You can do the same with Messenger marketing. 

Send out a broadcast message to promote your new offers, or alert subscribers of upcoming sales. Announce a new product range, linking them to it or share a newsworthy article that helps them get to know your brand better. 

Experiment with different broadcast messages to understand what your subscribers engage with the most — drive higher conversions with greater engagement. 

5. Share shipping and delivery updates 

The whole idea of online shopping is instant gratification. Once an order is placed, a consumer looks forward to being notified of the order status and its shipping details to estimate the delivery. When they’re looking forward to receiving an order from your store, why not use it as an excuse to keep them engaged while they wait?

With Messenger marketing, you can share shipping and delivery updates with your customers. At the same time, you can also cross-sell and upsell other products from the store based on their current purchase. It’s another effective way of driving repeat purchases! 


Do you need Messenger marketing?  

Think about it. 

Your customers are already on social media. They’re actively using the Messenger to communicate with their friends and reaching out to brands when they have queries. Why would you leave an opportunity to reach them when they’re so likely to be active on this platform multiple times a day? 

Although, just like every other marketing strategy, it is important to continually measure the impact of your Messenger marketing campaign. 

Different segments of consumers interact with different promotions and messages. Take note of the smaller details and how they affect the number of orders being placed. Optimize the campaign for what works best for your audience.

Have you experimented with Messenger marketing yet?

About the author 

Vanhishikha Bhargava is a Growth and Content Marketer who works with Shopify apps to help them reach their target merchants. At Flashchat, she takes care of inbound strategizing and staying on the lookout for new hacks that online stores can use to generate more sales. You can connect with her on LinkedIn

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