6 Ways to Go Above and Beyond to Promote your Brand

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New age marketing, using social and digital media has taken on some quirky twists. It’s no longer about just doing the expected to catch the attention of the shoppers. You need to do this consistently, and you also need to ensure your branding strategies undergo constant innovation. Brands need to have the energy and resources to keep doing this to make sure that the customers always think of them.

Whatever the product or service may be, a brand must keep communicating in a way that is closely identified with their offering. Remember how toothpaste was synonymous with Colgate and a cold beverage was a cola-flavoured soft drink? Your brand should become not just your identity, but also one of the names that represent that segment. When that happens, it means that you have truly gone above and beyond to promote your brand; of course, it goes without saying that the product or service must also be equally good. There is no substitute for quality, and that is the premise on which you do all your branding activities. 

So, what strategies can be adopted for going above and beyond by brands, to be innovative, and become noticeable?

Influencer Marketing

If you have not yet looked into or are convinced about influencer marketing, perhaps you should check out a few statistics that indicate why it’s grown to a $5-10 billion industry. 

In this digital age, it is all about being seen, heard, and felt, and if that can be made possible using a strong connect, why not? Brands are increasingly spending more on influencer marketing, and reports suggest two-thirds of marketers will increase their influencer marketing spending in 2019.

This is not without reason, as they are convinced about the ROI of using this channel, compared to other options. Let’s get this straight; you should get your strategy right, and find the right influencers, who can reach out and make an impact with your target audience. The strategy should also address innovative approaches, rather than blatant publishing, and promoting. In short, getting influencers to tell stories that strike a personal chord with the audience is the trick. 

This works, almost every single time! Serena Williams has the power to catapult even a strong brand like Nike. The target audience identifies with the brand and the associated influencer.  


Think about what’s caught your attention online in recent times, and you will realize the power of infographics as a tool for branding

Numbers always tell a story, so do pictures. So, if you are able to combine these two intelligently, and create some colorful, impactful infographics, they will always stand out, and catch the attention of the audience. If statistics are what convince you, be aware that infographic can drive your web traffic up by about 12%, and this accounts for the biggest increase in B2B marketers’ usage – 65%. Perhaps, it’s time you started weaving some beautiful stories using content that matters to your target audience.


Almost everything online is driven by SEO, whether we like it or not; it is a highly competitive space, and brands need to make sure that their name pops up in searches. There obviously is no better way to ‘show up’ and make an impact and create awareness among the target audience, especially when your brand is not an established one. It pays to have an attractive website, with an impressive landing page. 

The content should be well written with focused keywords, strategically placed in organic or natural ways, rather than appear like forcibly stuffed in place. Good website content does stand out and make an impression. 

Brands without an SEO strategy simply do not stand a chance to be ‘found’ and hence, this channel is a must explore one.

Social Media Contests

It’s not just the millennials that spend a lot of time on social media; most people have realized that social media is THE happening place, and have started ‘hanging out’ there. At the least, people will at least have a Facebook page. The younger crowd is totally into Instagram, which is now a powerful selling tool. Brands love to be found on Instagram with their stories, whether by themselves, their influencers, or their patrons. Stories are impactful and create lasting impressions. 

An innovative approach in this, could be social media contests, that create awareness about your brand; Try and link it with some causes related to your product or services, events, special days, etc. and you have a branding going! People don’t just like and follow such stuff, but also share it across, and if you can also throw in some goodies as giveaways for the contest winners, nothing like it.


Even with all the advancements that have happened in marketing, word of mouth still happens to be one of the best that’s still around. Get people to refer their friends and families and offer them some loyalties, freebies or discounts for their ‘efforts’. This can actually bring a lot of footfall. People would still like to trust known sources rather than someone in social media, so create those personal influencers among your target audience circles.

How to get the best out of all these?

Brands may engage all these strategies, in various combinations to try and promote the brand above and beyond. But there have to be some compelling stories, statistics, and above all experiences to share through these channels. And this is where packaging comes in; custom boxes and personal experiences and stories based on these are great for social media branding efforts. 

Perhaps, a video of someone receiving a personalized, custom package on a special day capturing the emotions, or unboxing your product, etc. Get your influencers to talk about how this makes your brand stand apart. Imagine the glee and surprise of a social media contest winner if you send them across a nicely packaged custom box! This is where you want to check out Arka

Custom packaging is an art, and Arka comes with substantial experience. Having more than a decade of experience. However small your business is, they can still make it worth the while for you. Brands can rely fully in their experience, and design, as well as innovation capabilities for their packaging needs.


From providing you options to lowest minimums, to quick turnarounds, it is a complete packaging ‘package,’ that is also extremely competitive; what’s more, they also use eco-friendly materials, and thousands of clients worldwide that have wonderful stories to share about their experience.

Feel the difference: Get packaged with Arka today. 

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