Abandoned Cart Email Best Practices

Every eCommerce business owner should know that they are missing out on 67% of potential sales. Sixty-seven percent of online shoppers give their personal information, place an item in their carts, but do not complete their transaction. Abandoned cart emails are a marketing tool that can not only decrease your number of lost sales, but also increase your profits and customer base.

Shoppers leave without paying for a various number of reasons, the main issues being: the customer is presented with unexpected costs, they were just browsing, or they have found a better price elsewhere. These potential consumers are then stored in an abandoned checkout. If utilized efficiently, an abandoned checkout can be one of an online business’ greatest tools. A business owner has the ability to:

  • Review their abandoned cart
  • Automatically send abandoned cart emails with a permalink directing them back to their purchase
  • Manually send and abandoned cart email

In order to generate the most success, an abandoned cart email must possess the three following characteristics: compelling visuals, great copy, and multiple links. This is not only a reminder to the customer of what they left behind, but a captivating technique that pushes them to follow through with their purchase. The best time to send an abandoned cart email to a customer is either 6 or 24 hours after they have placed an item in their cart.

Remind Them: Let the customer know that they have not completed their online shopping purchase. A compelling visual can assist in this process. Reserve the item for the customer or let them know that their desired item is nearly out of stock; these tools can help entice the customer to make the purchase.

Bring Them Back: Attach a link! Bring the customer back to a point where they can complete their transaction with ease.

Up-sell: Use abandoned cart emails to up-sell your products. Include images and links to products similar to the one they have placed in their cart. If they are still unsure about committing to their old item, they may find something else they like!

Integrate Social Media: By attaching links to various social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram, the result will be overall growth and stability in your customer base. This will also allow customers to be up-to-date with any promotional activities.

Offer A Discount: If a customer is on the fence about a purchase, chances are they will react positively to a discount. A little can go a long way!

Make Shopping Easy: There is nothing worst than a confusing email a customer has to decode. Keep your abandoned cart emails simple, short and sweet. A positive online shopping experience can generate repeat customers and word-of-mouth appraisals.

See the image below for a great abandoned cart email example and then head on over to Spently to create your own!


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