Black Friday and Cyber Monday Checklist for Your eCommerce Store

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the busiest shopping days of the year for many of us. Year over year the trend of sales on these two days is only increasing, and for good reason. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are excellent opportunities for shoppers to get their favorite products at slashed prices and for online retailers to sell their products on clearance.

This article gives you a checklist you can use to prepare your eCommerce store for the grand holiday sale.

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday Holiday Sale

Black Friday promotional sales are by design meant to persuade shoppers to buy their favorite products online. Shoppers plan to get online to shop brands and products they have been eyeing but hoping for a sale to sweeten the deal. And in the case Friday isn’t the best day for all,  retailers plan for and offer huge discounts and deals on Cyber Monday too. Here they hope to catch the lazy Monday morning workplace, enticing folks who missed buying over the weekend can catch up at work. Between the two days, retail and online sales shoot up substantially. 

The Checklist for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales allow smaller merchants to compete with larger businesses to offer the best deals, leading to new customers, increased sales, higher brand recall, inventory clearance, and much more.

To hit your sales goals on these two days, check if your online store meets the following requirements. Be sure to implement anything that is missed out.

1. Is the Product Inventory sufficient to meet the high demand of Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

Seasons like Thanksgiving holidays are peak selling seasons for online retailers. As many customers are tempted to buy the products at heavily discounted prices, the demand may rise to unpredictable levels

As the demand is uncertain and the inventory may not meet the actual demand, it becomes essential for you as an online retailer to hold safety inventory to satisfy the customer needs. You can also build your inventory in periods of low demand and store it for periods of high demand like these. 

2. Are the prices competitive enough to attract many customers to buy your products?

Pricing your products competitively is most important to make your seasonal sale a huge success. Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are the best opportunities for online retailers to reduce the price of the products and increase sales.

Many retailers offer sneak peek views on their Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sales in advance. You can take a look at the competition’s pricing to make sure your deals will look even more attractive. The buying pattern and trends of earlier sales should also be analyzed to arrive at competitive prices.

3. Are the Payment Methods quick and easy to use?

Most of the customers drop out of the purchase if they don’t see their preferred payment method at checkout. Before making a purchase, they want to know exactly how to make the payment online and if it will go ahead smoothly.

Easily visible and clear instructions should be provided to customers all through the buying process. Options to Pay and Collect can help customers to make purchases if there are technical glitches or if they don’t have online payment options.

4. Is your inventory of customized boxes in hand sufficient to meet the shipping needs?

Most of the online retailers plan sales very accurately but may fail to identify the shipping needs in advance. You must have sufficient custom boxes in stock to ship the products purchased during the sale.

You can reach out to suppliers after you have forecast the sales. Arka is one of the best providers of shipping boxes customized according to customers’ requirements. Custom packaging with Arka involves a simple process keeping in mind all our customers’ needs. The booking, selection and branding process is all online with clear instructions.

5. Have you promoted your Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale?

Promotional marketing is essential to create, implement, and integrate marketing campaigns that really work for you. A promotion can add awareness, brand values, desire, fun, and support for the shopper’s decision to purchase your products.

Create your promotion strategy to excite the customer and make the shopping experience stimulating and rewarding. It should give the customer a feeling that the experience was worthwhile and a memorable one.

Planning, execution and promotion strategies can help to make your Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale a successful event. This checklist should help you to get through this sale and achieve your goal target. 

Stay confident, plan ahead, iterate from prior experiences, and hit the jackpot.

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