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Our customer support staff loves helping eCommerce and brick & mortar business owners use their Shopify notifications as a tool to provide a better shopping experience & up-sell their customers. We thought we would put a post together with some frequently asked questions to help make customizing your notifications that much easier.

When viewing the email, do customers always have to click “display images below” in order to see the graphics we’ve uploaded to the template?

Different email clients load images differently. Outlook by default blocks all incoming images, although individual users can change this in their settings. However, gmail along with many other email clients allow all images to load by default in general, unless the user has disabled that feature in their settings.

There is nothing an email sender can do to overwrite these user settings. It’s out of the senders hands. A good option is adding text in the “Alt” part of the image that allows you to write out a description of the image, should the image not be loaded by default.

How do I export my templates to Shopify?

After creating a template and selecting the save button found at the top right of the template builder, a pop up will appear with the option to export your template to Shopify. After selecting export to Shopify a page will appear with instructions on how to export the template.

  1. Copy the html provided.
  2. Log in to your Shopify Dashboard.
  3. Select the settings tab on the left navigation of your store admin page.
  4. Select the notifications tab.
  5. Select the appropriate notification type i.e Order Confirmation.
  6. Select the HTML tab.
  7. Paste the copied Spently html into the space provided.
  8. Select send test email, followed by save.

Can I see what my template will look like before I save it in Shopify?

Yes. There are a few ways to preview what your template will look like once you are done creating it.

Start by previewing your template within the Spently dashboard by selecting the ‘Preview’ button from the template builder page.

Another way to preview your template is to send yourself a test email. You can do this by pasting your template into the particular Shopify notification settings html box (ex. Order Confirmation) and selecting ‘Send Test Email’. While keeping the Shopify page open, take a look at your email in a new tab or on mobile. Once you receive the email and are happy with the result, hit the save button on the Shopify notification settings page.

Is it possible to include text over an image in Spently?

Yes, you can add text over an image using the image editor that pops up when you upload an image. If you need to bring the image editor back up, you can do so by clicking on the image and then select ‘Edit Image’ from the Image Settings on the right side of the template builder.

In the image editor you will see two arrows (left and right pointing). Selecting the right arrow twice will bring the Text option into view.

Are Spently templates responsive?

Yes. We have created our templates so they look awesome on desktop and on mobile (ex. Android, iPhone)

How do I edit the subject line of my Shopify notification emails?

You can edit the subject line of your Shopify notification emails from your Shopify admin dashboard.

  1. Log into your Shopify admin dashboard
  2. Select settings on the left nav menu
  3. Select notifications
  4. Select an email type
  5. Create your subject line in the email subject box

Can I include a customers name in the subject line of an email?

Yes, you can use an if statement that will execute if there is a name for the customer while including a default message to fall back on if the customer name hasn’t been entered.

{% if %} {{ }}{% endif %}

Here is an example that could be used for an abandoned cart email:

{% if %} {{ }}don’t leave us hanging. Complete your purchase today. {% else %} Don’t leave us hanging. Complete your purchase today. {% endif %}

If a customer included their name before abandoning the shopping cart the subject line would look like:

Harry Belafonte don’t leave us hanging. Complete your purchase today.

If they did not type in their customer info before abandoning then their subject line would read:

Don’t leave us hanging Complete your purchase today.

How can I include a note or gift note on my Spently Templates?

You can include notes and gift notes on your Shopify notifications by using Shopify variables within any text component.

To add a note in your template use:

Note: {{ note }}

Notes are only one way of customizing your Shopify notifications. You can add many different Shopify Variables to your templates to personalize and customize them for your business. For a full list of Shopify Email Variables click here.

Have any other questions? Email us at and we’d be happy to help.

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