How to measure the ROI from Shopify Notification Emails

Spently releases Return on Investment (ROI) feature

It is said that enhanced transactional emails have a 360% higher return on investment compared to transactional emails in plain text. Well now Spently has released a new feature to show you exactly how much revenue your Shopify notifications are making you. After using the Spently app to supercharge your e-receipts and order confirmations (just to name a few) you will be able to measure the impact these messages are creating for your store, beyond just open and click data.

Click Rate

Here is how it works

Your customer views one of the Shopify notification emails you created using the Spently app and engages with the content. Then, within a 7 day period they visit your store again and make a new purchase. When this happens, we add their new purchase amount to your Spently dashboard, so you can see exactly how much extra revenue you’re earning from your notification emails. That’s it. No new action required by you at all. You just keep designing beautiful notification emails for Shopify, and we will keep providing you with results, so that you can run the best store possible.

It’s important to note that Spently’s new ROI feature is not limited to only transactional emails, but also works for all campaign emails. This will include the soon to be launched auto follow up emails. What’s an auto follow up email? You’ll just have to wait and find out, but we promise that they are coming soon.

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