Introducing Global Settings: The Fastest Way to Design Your Shopify Store Emails

Spently Store Email Builder Global Settings

Over the past few months we've seen 1000's of merchants use the Spently email builder to create Shopify store email sets. This helped cut down the time it took to create all 15 Shopify store emails in a seamless and efficient way. However, we know how important your time is as a busy merchant, so we set out to make designing your store emails even faster.

As of today, we're excited to introduce global settings into our template builder! This will allow you to set your logo, font, colors, button, header, and footer settings on your order confirmation email and have the settings persist across all of your emails. Now in the time it takes you to create just your order confirmation, the rest of your store emails will all be automatically designed and ready to export to Shopify. 

New Global Settings

Beautiful new email template themes

To make your store emails look even more polished and consistent across email clients including Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail + more, we completely redesigned and re-coded all of our email templates. We even partnered with top Shopify Theme developers including Pixel Union and Out of the Sandbox to release email themes that match some of their most popular website themes! Now you can match your store theme with your email theme for a more consistent customer experience.

This is just the beginning, as time goes on we'll be releasing even more email template themes that match Shopify Themes. If you don't see your theme here, please message us and let us know, as it will allow us to adjust our priorities towards the most in demand themes.

Shopify Store Emails

Something very cool is coming

These features are a big step forward, but we've only begun to scratch the surface. In the coming months we plan to add on to our builder in a very creative and ground breaking way, to save you even more time and to help you drive more repeat sales.

In the mean time here is a helpful guide on how to use the new store email builder so you can create your store email sets in just minutes.

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