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Shopify Notification

When we first built Spently, we wanted to give people a way to design a better order confirmation email to extend the customer shopping experience past the point of purchase and drive repeat sales. Over time our customers began asking us for other email templates; shipping confirmations, shipping updates, and welcome emails. Before we knew it we supported all 15 customer-facing Shopify notifications, but as the number of emails grew so did the time it took a merchant to design them all.

With this in mind, over the last few months we completely redesigned and rebuilt our email template builder and templates. The template builder is faster and easier to use, and the templates are beautiful and mobile friendly. Most importantly we introduced the Notifications Set, a quicker way to build all of your templates, as well as some brand new marketing components that will help drive both repeat and new sales.

Design Faster — The Notifications Set

The Notifications Set allows you to create all of your Shopify notification emails at once. Using a header and footer line, a user can drag text, images, and marketing components above and below the lines to have their assets persist across their notification set. The content in between the lines that is specific to the template (ex. order or shipping information) will change dynamically as you move through the set. This process allows a merchant to have a consistent look and feel across all of their Shopify notification emails and create them in a matter of minutes instead of hours. At the end of the process The Notifications Set brings merchants to a unified export page, where a merchant can export their entire set of notifications to set them live.

Notifications Set wizard

Sell More — Introducing Referrals and Better Recommendations

Shopify notification emails have always been a great place to drive repeat sales, but we wanted to use these highly opened emails as a way to drive new customers too. We are excited to announce that merchants can now do just that using our new referral component to refer-a-friend. The referral component gives merchants a way to offer their customers a reward for being advocates, and their customers’ friends a discount to come shop at your store. Ex. Give $10. Get $10. The referral component is available on all notification templates and auto follow-up emails.


Last year we released our Recommended Products Component and it was a tremendous success, helping merchants drive more than $200,000,000 in repeat sales! This year we have completely redesigned our recommended products component, to give merchants more control over what is recommended and to get rid of the pesky order attributes we had to add to orders. Recommendations are now made based on what a customer bought, what is in stock, and what is in the Spently Recommended Products Collection in your store. We have a feeling it is going to result in an even higher amount of repeat sales.


In the spirit of giving merchants more control over what they recommend, we’ve also developed the Featured Product Component. The Featured Product Component allows merchants to easily feature any product on their Shopify notification emails, right from within the Spently builder. The new component gives merchants a way to display a static product they select including image, title, price, and even the description. This component is perfect for letting your customers know about that new product you’ve launched.

Featured Product

We have worked hard on these new tools and we hope they truly help you design better emails faster that help your store sell more awesome stuff. If you ever need any help, have any questions or simply have some feedback on how we can make these tools even better please do not hesitate to reach out to our team at We’re always here to help and looking for great ideas from our customers on how we can make the app even better.

If you would like to use your Shopify notifications to drive repeat sales, you can try Spently for free here.

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