Spently & Pixel Union Team Up to Maximize Customer Experience

Pixel Union Ad

Pixel Union has been helping brands succeed since 2009, from first-time e-commerce merchants to Fortune 500 companies. These brands include Tesla, MoMa, and the LA Lakers to name a few. Now, Spently is proud to be able to contribute to that success. 

As one of the leading Shopify Theme developers, Pixel Union has released some of the most widely used themes by Shopify merchants. Spently has now released email themes to match! You no longer have to use the default Shopify store email notifications, with the Spently app you can design your store emails to extend the customer experience of your store and use them as an opportunity to drive repeat sales. 

The first Shopify Theme by Pixel Union supported by the Spently app is the Atlantic theme.  The clean typography is carried through, as well as the ability to help customers find featured products. With the built-in referral program, you can drive both new business and repeat business by encouraging customers to share discounts with their friends and family and be rewarded for doing so. 

Oi Atlantic
Atlantic Store Email Theme

Store emails are sent by merchants every day, often overlooking the fact they have the highest open-rate and highest revenue per email sent. Since there is context as to why customers receive them, they are more likely to open and engage with them. You can now continue the customer experience post-purchase and maximize revenue potential by adding this matching theme to enhance your store emails using the Spently app. Feel free to log in or install the app for free to check it out. You will not be dissapointed. 

PS - keep an eye out for more matching store email themes in collaboration with Pixel Union very soon! 

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