Spently’s Product Recommendation Engine

How to Automatically Recommend Relevant Products in your Shopify Emails

We’re really excited to announce the ‘Recommended Products’ component for your transactional emails. When Spently recommends a product in your emails, it’s not a coincidence!

The component auto-selects additional products from your store to upsell to your customers. The suggested products are unique each time based on our data-driven algorithm. The items displayed are based on what a customer has recently purchased, which items they had in their cart, and what other customers have viewed and purchased. Simply drag & drop the component onto your template, format it to your liking, and let it work its magic.

When you drag on the Recommended Products component from within the template builder, you will see two placeholder images. You can customize the component in the settings to display a title, description or buttons along with your product images.


When you send a test email from your Shopify Notifications page, you will still see the placeholder in the test email. This is because the data that is coming through is only dummy data so our algorithm can not determine what products to display. To see the recommended products feature in action, you will need to create a test purchase from your store.

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One more thing… after releasing ROI tracking to measure the effectiveness of your notification emails, we decided to take a sample of 500 Shopify stores using Spently and measure results. We were thrilled to learn that Spently generates the stores over $1 million a week in sales! We believe the new marketing component above will help stores make even more. Check back as we report on the results of the recommendation engine. In the meantime, include product recommendations in your emails:

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