The Power of Auto Follow-Up Emails and How to Use Them to Increase Sales

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What is an Auto Follow-Up Email?

Auto follow-up emails serve an important function in marketing. They let you communicate with customers who fail to reply to your messages. This feature lets you schedule automated emails to customers when they haven’t responded to your communication after a reasonable amount of time, providing you with a second — or third or fourth — opportunity to reach out to them.

This type of direct marketing boasts various benefits. Automated emails average 71 percent higher open rates and 152 percent higher click-through rates than regular marketing messages, and these emails are 133 percent more likely to target customers at the right stage in the sales cycle.

Here at Spently, our new auto follow-up feature streamlines many of the tedious, manual tasks associated with email marketing. The whole process is automated, so you can target customers and move them through the sales funnel without doing anything.

What Type of Event Triggers an Auto Follow-Up Email?

· A customer makes a purchase. When a prospect buys something from your online or bricks-and-mortar store, Spently can send out an email automatically within a pre-determined time frame, for example, a couple of days or a few weeks.

· A product is shipped. Automate emails that reach customers after their order has been fulfilled. Customize Spently to send these messages at the most lucrative time, ideally when a customer is about to make a repeat purchase.

· A checkout is abandoned. Our auto follow-up tool lets you target customers who abandon their online cart without completing their purchase. Schedule emails to lure these customers back to your e-commerce store.

What Type of Auto Follow-Up Emails Can You Set Up?

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· Feedback. Automated emails measure a customer’s response after order fulfillment, providing you with valuable marketing insights. Find out whether consumers enjoyed the shopping experience and if they would shop with you again, for example.

· Discount. Boost sales by sending automated discounts to high-value prospects. Alternatively, encourage clickthroughs with money-off vouchers for customers who haven’t visited your online store in a while.

· Product Recommendations. With automated email follow-up, you can encourage sales with product recommendations, such as items frequently bought together and new arrivals.

· Abandoned Checkout. Recover lost sales when customers leave their online checkout cart empty. You can send out a discount and encourage customers to complete their purchase.

· Content. Nurture leads with compelling content that drives sales, such as blog posts and product information.

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Want to schedule emails without breaking a sweat? Try our brand new auto follow-up email feature for your e-commerce store.

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