How To Turn Your Shopify Thank You Page Into An Opportunity For More Sales

How To Turn Your Shopify Thank You Page Into An Opportunity For More Sales

An online shopper comes to your site, adds a product to their cart and completes a purchase. So you thank them for the order placed and go about acquiring another customer. Although, what if we said that by optimizing your Shopify thank you page, you could have an opportunity to tee up additional sales to this shopper?

The ‘thank you’ page in the checkout process is often ignored when it comes to optimization. More commonly, the page is reserved for sharing invoices for the products purchased by the shopper.

But when it comes to bringing this shopper back for more purchases, you will see the same stores running retargeting campaigns — on social media, email, text and more.

What if we said that your first opportunity to turn this new customer into a repeat purchase was while they were still on your site?

Why is optimizing the Shopify thank you page important?

According to, an existing customer has a 60-70% chance of reconverting when nudged in a contextual manner, at the right time. In fact, repeat customers or let’s say, repeat purchases, are responsible for generating 40% of the store's revenue.

When it’s so much easier to turn one purchase into many more, why leave the chance?

That’s why your Shopify thank you page needs a little more love and care, and optimization!

Different ways to optimize your Shopify thank you page

A Shopify thank you page can be used in a number of ways to re-convert the shopper who has just completed a purchase. With apps like ReConvert, it’s actually a matter of minutes to create different types of thank you pages that nudge shoppers to make another purchase before they leave.

So we pulled together some of the tried and tested approaches to optimize your thank you page before another customer leaves without making a repeat purchase!

1. Add a video to speak to your customers

Instead of the age-old thank you message, use a video to thank the shopper for trusting your brand and making a purchase.

You can use the video to tell them about your order processing and shipping process to set expectations. You can also ask them to share their feedback on their shopping experience or to check out a new range of products you just added to the store — along with any deals that might be active.

Make this embedded video as personalized as possible. Add a human touch to it by showing them the faces behind the brand or simply a quick behind the scenes of the product they purchased. It’s a great way to win their trust and drive more sales.

2. Make a time-sensitive offer with a popup

You’ve been using email popups on your store’s pages to promote deals, new products and prevent exit. Why not use the same logic on your Shopify thank you page to hold on to the customer a bit longer, just enough to turn the opportunity into a follow-up purchase?

Use the popup to offer a time-sensitive discount for a complimentary product to nudge them towards a purchase. You could also use this opportunity to ask them to purchase the products they had previously wishlisted at the discounted value.

3. Upsell your products

The shopper’s purchase is a clear indication of their interests and preferences in products. Use that data to optimize your Shopify thank you page with upsell campaigns.

Display product collections that match the shopper’s interest. Show them discounts and offers that add more value to the purchase they just made and upsell products with a personalized approach.

4. Offer a discount on the next purchase

Most online shoppers are always looking for better deals and discounts on the products they love. They’ll visit a number of stores, add products to their wishlist or the cart and ultimately, make a purchase from the store that offers the best price.

Now think about a situation where such a shopper walks into your brick and mortar store. They’re checking out a pair of jeans which they find a little expensive, but when you approach them with a deal that says they can get another pair of jeans at 30% off on their next visit, they suddenly feel more comfortable buying the pair of jeans in their hand.

Use your Shopify thank you page to do exactly this. Offer the customer a special discount or points that they can redeem on their next purchase. It’s incentivizes repeat visits to your store towards a follow-up purchase.

5. Make social media connections

A typical online shopper has at least two social media profiles. They could be using one for professional purposes, but there’s always one that they use personally for following brands they love. It’s their way to keep up-to-date with sales and the new products being launched.

But unless you nudge them to follow you on social media, it’s not something that will come to their mind on their own. So use your Shopify thank you page to request them to follow you on Facebook, Instagram, and other channels to grow your following organically.

You can also encourage them to share their purchases on social media in lieu of a discount. This will help you get more word-of-mouth promotions, which can lead to an increase in sales.

6. Find out more about your customers

As we mentioned before, making a purchase from your store is a gesture that displays trust in your brand. They’ve already shared their contact details, address for shipping and more with you. So if you ask them a few more questions to know more about their purchase preferences, it’s more likely that they’ll engage with the page.

On the Shopify thank you page, ask them for little details like their birthday or who they just made a purchase for, etc. You can use this data to then personalize your marketing campaigns on email, Messenger, text and web push notifications to show them how special they are to you.

7. Provide order tracking information

An online consumer seeks a seamless shopping experience. But more importantly, they want to be able to receive the products they purchase on time.

The best way to do this is to keep them up-to-date with the order they’ve just placed. You can add order tracking information on your Shopify thank you page. This lets the shopper know that they’ll be able to track progress on their order whenever they’d like.

So when they’re tracking their order, you get the opportunity to promote or recommend other products to the shopper.

Get more sales from your Shopify thank you page

The cost of acquiring a new customer is increasing by the day. With the number of brands going online on a daily basis, and range of available products growing in tandem — competition is only increasing and it's not going to get any easier. So when you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on acquiring this one customer, why be content with just one sale?

Just like the other pages of your store, optimize the Shopify thank you page to sell more products or increase the discoverability of product ranges that a shopper may not have explored.

If you plan to retarget them with personalized campaigns. Why not do it all when they’re still on your site?

There’s no one approach to optimizing your Shopify thank you page. You could utilize all of the options listed above or choose to test one after the other to see what your consumers interact with the most.

In the end, a successful optimization of your thank you page can attribute more interactions, conversions, and sales — so don’t forget to continually experiment!

Are you using your Shopify thank you page to sell more?

What’s the one strategy you use to turn these new customers into repeat customers almost immediately? We’d love to know your hacks!

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Ruth Even Haim is the Co-Founder of StilyoApps, that builds Shopify apps which help brands grow, sell more and connect with their customers. You can connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her posts here.