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Daneson is unique among companies not just for the product it specialises in, but also for the intensive, thoughtful process by which it is created. This maker of flavoured toothpicks and related apparel uses only the finest of materials. It’s important to note that their thought process goes far beyond manufacturing. Daneson plants 100 trees for every 1 tree milled — their responsibility towards the environment is at the forefront of their agenda.

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Why use Spently?

Daneson was initially using a rival app, but felt restricted by a lack of creative flexibility for their Shopify store emails. The challenge was doubled due to the fact Daneson has two stores: one for direct customers, one for retailers, each using its own set of email templates. This was keeping the two business units from speaking together, and also delivering messages consistent with their brand.


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Using Spently

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Daneson has used Spently to create inspiring post-purchase emails that allow for both personalized, and behavior based messages for its customers. Including automated follow-ups for those who had abandoned their carts, a referral program, which was a long-time corporate objective, was also implemented by using Spently.

Spently allowed Daneson to achieve a singular voice for their brand and a step closer to leveraging their store emails to maximize the potential of every touch point.

Now both the retail and the direct customers units have the same templates to work from. Offering a streamlined approach that encourages internal synergy while promoting the unique characteristics consistent with their digital presence, and their branding across all customer touchpoints — including the creation of an ancillary revenue channel achieved through Spently’s remarketing 

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"From the order confirmation email to the thank you email, we use Spently to strengthen the customer-brand bond which helps us not only to drive revenue, but also to create and reinforce an effective customer loyalty strategy."

Peter Smith, Founder
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