DBC Baby Bedding Co.

Kansas, USA

Learn how DBC Baby Bedding Co earns $11 in additional revenue for every receipt sent.

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DBC Baby Bedding co-founded by Christy Sanchez, a mechanical engineer by trade, a designer by night, and most important to her business — a parent.

Initially started as an experiment while on maternity leave, used as a project to channel her passion for babies and necessity for supplementary income. Although, it wasn’t long before Christy and her husband realized it’s true potential.

Having scaled from their humble beginning in Arkansas, USA. DBC Bedding Co now provides employment to ten other families, in addition to theirs.  Made possible by their focus on products crafted from the finest materials, and unique designs, both of which are recognized and valued by their customers.

Why use Spently?

Having already invested in advertising, and retargeting efforts, Christy was exploring the plethora of options on the Shopify App Store to find an app that would help drive value using a new channel - transactional emails.

Having considered the arduous process of manually coding each Shopify notification email, and the inability to make changes on the fly led her to the Spently builder, which provided the drag and drop functionality that she was looking for.

Using Spently

Christy was interested in optimizing her Shopify notifications to include components that would not only look presentable, but to also highlight recommended products and foster engagement  using discount and referral codes.

Within the two week free trial, DBC Baby Bedding Co was able to generate $6300 in ROI. It’s safe to say Spently did not disappoint.


average revenue per email


unique open rate


return on investment

Aside from these quantitative benefits, the ability to personalize store notification emails to match company branding and colors with their physical retail location was paramount. Christy emphasized the importance of providing a consistent visual experience regardless of the touchpoint utilized to make the purchase. 

One of many steps taken to outline the fact that this was no longer a one woman operation by the name of Designs by Christy, but to be recognized as a company — delivering a level of professionalism to its customers.


"Everything was taken care of. It felt very neat, and orderly. I could personally go in and customize how I wanted it without having to deal with any code."

Christy Sanchez