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Spently allows merchants to leverage Shopify notification emails as a stand-alone sales channel using marketing components, and follow up sequences.

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Engage With

Shopify Notification Emails

Leverage event-based upsells, discounts, and referral components to tailor customer-specific interactions from the emails with the highest open rate — your Shopify notification emails.  

Elevate using

Automated Follow-up Emails

Follow-up with your customers automatically after every purchase, shipment, or abandoned checkout within time-frames you specify. Once your auto follow-up flows are set up, you can kick back and let Spently send the emails for you at the right time.

Measure With

Analytics Dashboard

Measure the performance of your email notifications and conversions generated through marketing components. So you can continue to adjust and improve them for best results. Get insight into the opens, clicks, and ROI from your Shopify notification emails including your auto follow-up sequences.

Create With

Email Template Builder

Coding emails can be time consuming, and technically challenging; that’s why we did it for you — all you have to do is drag and drop. You can customize any of the themes within our template builder to match your Shopify store theme and brand colors.

Shopify Notification Emails & Automated Follow-ups

Enhance your Shopify notification emails using the Spently template builder, and take advantage of our selection of themes.

Personalize them to match your brand and include marketing components, such as product recommendations, discount and referral codes to drive sales.

You can also take it a step further using automated follow-ups. Spently will automatically nudge your customers to encourage repeat purchases.

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Advanced Analytics

Spently Dashboard provides real-time insight into the performance of your emails. So you can measure open rates, conversions and abandoned cart recovery rates. Empowering you to iterate with data to create effective follow-up email sequences and Shopify Notification emails.

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What our customers have to say...



Delighted with the Spently application. 

Our Shopify notification emails look professional, and personalized having matched our store theme with consistent branding. Also able to upsell and encourage repeat sales with creative product recommendations, and referral components. 

Give this app a go!

Sweetpeas Edit

Sweetpeas Inc.

Branding is extremely important to our shop. 

This is where the Spently app comes in. Helping us deliver a personalized customer experience. 

Prior to Spently, our abandoned cart recovery rate was 4%, and within two weeks of using Spently its over 21.% — which is game changing.  

Fa Black

Flag & Anthem

What a great tool.  

We were able to drastically improve the standard shopify emails with the Spently template builder.

More importantly, build out robust follow-up email campaigns to address abandoned carts and encourage sales.