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Over the last month the Spently team has released a number of new and exciting features. These features will help Shopify store owners better use their store emails and automated emails to engage their customers, learn from them, and react more intelligently.

Engage — Feature Products From Any Collection

Up until now, if you wanted to feature products in your Shopify store emails you had to manually add product images, use our recommended products component, or our featured product component. Well we are excited to announce that you can now recommend your products with our featured collection component.

The featured collection component gives you more control over what you can recommend. This is great when you want certain collections to get more attention, ex. on sale, new, best selling, slowest selling. etc. Simply drag the component onto your templates, pick the collection you would like products recommended from, export your new templates and Spently will start recommending those products to your customers on your store emails. The component only recommends what’s in stock, so no need to worry about products appearing on your emails that shouldn’t.

Featured Product
Featured Collection Component

Learn — Get Feedback

The old adage is that “your customer is always right,” and while some may argue this, we think its best that you at least ask for their opinion. To make this easier for you we built the feedback component. The component was built with simplicity in mind, enticing your customers to give you feedback quickly and easily. With the simple click of a happy or sad face directly in your email, your customers can now let you know how their shopping experience was. Responses will be tallied on your Spently dashboard, giving you an overall sense of how your store is doing.

Feedback Component
Feedback Component

React — Automatically Send Emails When Specific Products Are Purchased

Your time is precious and we want to save you as much of it as possible, while helping you increase sales. With this in mind we have improved our auto follow-up emails so you can now send emails when a specific product is purchased. This feature is great, when wanting to up-sell a complimentary good, receive a product review, or provide specific product information or care instructions. No need to follow up with your customers manually anymore. Set up the product based auto follow-up once, and let us do the heavy sending.

Auto Follow Up
Auto Follow-up Email Setup Based on Product Ordered

As a compliment to this feature, Spently now supports product line item images in your auto follow-up emails, so your customers better understand why they are getting certain emails like abandoned check outs or product based auto follow-ups.

If you would like to use your Shopify notifications to drive repeat sales or send automated follow up emails, you can try Spently for free here.

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