Where Email Signups Come From: 3 Simple Stats

This post is written by Dan Scudder, VP Business Development at Privy. Privy helps businesses more rapidly grow their email list. Privy is a Spently partner and has a free Shopify app.

At Privy, we help businesses more rapidly grow their email list with our suite of website popup and landing page tools. Growing your list can help you drive sales, especially when you use data-driven email platforms like Spently. So we looked across our 2300+ businesses using Privy and pulled together three quick stats about email signups that will help you better understand and drive email list growth.

Email Signup Tactics

  • Website popups drive over 50% of all newsletter signups.
  1. Website popups outperform embedded forms and landing pages combined. Landing pages are in last place because they are often used only in a one-time campaign signup and often not found by visitors coming directly to your website.

Web Popup

  • Website popups are almost 3x better than embedded forms.
  1. If you remove landing pages and just look at on-site email signup tools, website popups perform almost three times better. This is because website popups offer design flexibility and targeting tools such as exit intent that help you dial up conversion rates.

Email Signup

  • Three-quarters of email signups are for your newsletter.
  1. The remainder is comprised of people who actually made a purchase, and people who provided their email at checkout but abandoned their cart.

What does this all mean? First, you definitely want to be using a website popup, if you care at all about growing your email subscriber base. Second, most people in your email list are exactly that — just people in your email list. So use email marketing to intelligently engage your list and convert them to paying customers.

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