Chaser Brand

Los Angeles, California

Learn how Chaser Brand generated an additional $105,000 in sales within 6 months of using Spently.



Chaser Brand is yet another Shopify Plus merchant on our Premier plan.

They launched in 1988, initially started by two partners in Beverly Hills, as a graphic tee company. From humble beginnings operating out of their garage, and eventually scaling to the point of having a brand presence within retail giants such as Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Shop Bob, and Revolve to name a few. Their clothing line is influenced by the music industry and dedicated to creating timeless collections.

As for Phil, our point of contact at Chaser Brand, he started as a freelancer working for Chaser Brand in 2011, but for the past four years, he has held the position of Director of eCommerce. Part of his job is to find supplementary ways to bolster Sales and Marketing — this is where Spently comes into the mix.

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Why use Spently?

Phil mentions, as a consumer if he receives an email from a company that has little to no branding — it doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence, which is why he was averse to continue using the default Shopify notifications. With that said, he was looking for Spently to add a level of professionalism to their brand, and more specifically outgoing notification emails. This has been recognized by customers and their perception of Chaser Brand and has been objectively noted by an uptick in sales, in the form of repeat purchases.

It’s important to note that Chaser Brand is among a number of our merchant’s that pair Spently with Klaviyo. Having Klaviyo handle newsletter blasts, and unique follow-ups, such as anniversary emails, while leveraging Spently builder’s focus on creating detailed transactional emails, and automated follow-ups such as abandoned checkouts, and win-back emails.

Using Spently

Phil has also seen an increase in customer engagement by refreshing their emails based on seasonal content within their Shopify notifications, a luxury provided by the drag and drop nature of Spently’s builder. Working with raw HTML was quite the deterrent when it came to seasonal updates in the past, but that is no longer an issue — our marketing team is very happy about this, Phil mentions.

Personalization is another element they are constantly deriving value from, which is being filtered through their recommended products embedded within Chaser Brand’s notification emails.  Tailoring each suggestion based on each individual customer’s purchasing behavior.

In addition to the seasonal updates and personalized recommendations having a component to streamline unique discount codes has also been pivotal towards incentivizing a repeat purchase.


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