How Nudestix turned emails into dollars with Spently


How a global cosmetic brand uses Spently to drive repeat purchases and grow its own DTC brand

Nudestixs Success With Spently

The Nudestix success story, told by Bianca Sicilia, Ecommerce Marketing Manager at Nudestix

Nudestix's Growth and Challenges

Founded by a mother and her two daughters in 2014, Nudestix is a rapidly growing cosmetic brand that offers easy-to-use, cruelty-free products for a natural makeup look. Their products are widely sold in mainstream retailers including Sephora, Nordstrom, and Macy’s in North America and throughout the world.

This partnership with major retailers doesn’t come without a price. Instead of fighting for consumers’ attention on the retailer’s shelves and websites with other brands, Nudestix is switching gears from a “retailer-first” marketing strategy to cultivating an amazing DTC experience.

Why choose Spently?

When Bianca installed Spently for Nudestix’s Shopify Plus stores, she had two goals in mind:

  1. Carry through consistent branding across all customer communications
  2. Encourage more repeat purchases from existing customers as well as help new customers make their first purchases.

Deliver an elevated brand experience using Spently

Before installing Spently, Nudestix was sending out the default Shopify notifications. There was no branding whatsoever. In comparison with the beautifully-designed and personalized transactional emails from vendors like Sephora, those standard Shopify notifications did not stand a chance.

For a global makeup brand like Nudestix, it is super important to have consistent branding throughout their customer journey. This helps Nudestix build trust with their customers and create a positive post-purchase experience.

In a such fast-paced market, it’s also crucial for Nudestix to leverage their notification emails for additional marketing opportunities. With Spently, their most up-to-date product launches, recommendations, and promotions are incorporated into the email design. It helps customers stayed informed and engaged with the brand's latest announcements with their most-opened emails.

Spently also came in handy at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. It allowed Nudestix to communicate additional information that impacted shipping and orders to their notifications so customers knew what to expect!

Nudestix Spently Email Before N After

"Including a consistent brand image and voice in our emails immediately elevated our brand communications. It allowed us to compete on the same level as our retail partners like Sephora."

Boost repeat sales with personalized discounts through Spently

One of Bianca’s favorite features is Spently’s personalized discount codes. Unlike other site-wide promotions, Spently generates a unique discount code for each customer that only applies to their purchase within a designated time period.

On one hand, it prevents coupon abuse as the code won’t work for another customer who finds it on the internet. The code even contains the customer’s name. On the other hand, compared to other site-wide promotions that are product specific, the Spently discounts are customer-specific, the customer can apply to any product they purchase, which delightfully complements Nudestix’s campaign strategy.

Nudestix also leverages the Spently discounts to drive repeat sales, as an integral part of their retention strategy. It acts almost like a loyalty program: customers receive discounts in post-purchase emails such as order confirmations and shipping confirmations, which they can then redeem on their next purchase within a certain period.

For individual cosmetic brands, it’s extremely hard to offer a loyalty program at the caliber of Sephora’s. On Sephora, customers can redeem points for a variety of products and as dollars off their purchase.

“When customers purchase on Sephora, there is no guarantee they will get 15% off their next purchase of Nudestix. Implementing these incentives through Spently gives us a competitive edge over Sephora to bring customers directly back to us, for a higher profit margin.”

Recover abandoned checkout

Since installing Spently, Nudestix has seen an 84% improvement in the conversion rate of their abandoned checkout emails.

Part of the success could be attributed to the limited-time offer they implemented through Spently. You have to win the customers back while the purchase intent was still high. Nudestix set the window of their cart recovery offer to be just 1 day, so customers have to act within that period to claim the offer.

Furthermore, Nudestix augmented its chance to upsell customers through the personalized product recommendation, as well as the banner image featuring their recent launches.

Nudestix Case Study Abandoned Checkout Designed With Spently

Grow revenue without the stress

What Bianca particularly likes about Spently is that the app is stress-free and requires minimal efforts.

“The beautiful thing about Spently is that it doesn’t interfere with your front end.”

Like most Shopify Plus brands, Nudestix is very apprehensive about adding apps to their Shopify sites. With a robust customized site, they have to be cautious about how the integrations would affect their codes, site speed, and whether they would distract customers from navigating the site and making a purchase. With Spently, there is none of these stresses, as it doesn’t interfere with the front end of the site at all.

Unlike many other marketing apps, Spently doesn’t require a ton of work to set up and constant tweaking. For instance, Nudestix’s email newsletter promotions demand a lot of work. “I put a lot of thought and effort into our CRM strategy and email marketing of our core products and new launches,” says Bianca. With Spently, once set up, “the app is just running in the background at all times and generating revenue for us on a daily basis.”

Working with Spently

As a busy eCommerce manager, Bianca really appreciates Spently’s white-glove service. “Our Merchant Success Manager at Spently did all the work designing our emails, all I need to do is give feedback. She stayed on top of us to keep our emails current and updated with any recent product launches.”

Nudestix Case Study Quote

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