Wholesale Fashion Shoes

Arizona, USA

Learn how Wholesale Fashion Shoes has driven over $280,000 in repeat purchases through Spently.

Fishnet Tights And Silver High Heels


Wholesale Fashion Shoes are a Shopify Advanced merchant based in Arizona focusing on fashionable footwear. After starting their business back in 2009 the brand continued to grow and opened their eCommerce store in 2014. They have been using Spently since December 2018.

As the brand continues to grow they have come to be known for their selection of latest trending shoe designs and accessories at an affordable price.

Chris, our point of contact at Wholesale Fashion Shoes, is the brand’s owner who oversees all activities including the growth of the business. Chris mentions that a solution that would help increase the amount of recovered checkouts was their top priority for Wholesale Fashion Shoes. After speaking with the Spently growth team, Chris was amazed by the potential which his most opened emails held and the revenue which could be generated per email, as opposed to newsletters. Wholesale Fashion Shoes then began their trial period with Spently in 2018 to great results.

Why use Spently

Increasing recovered checkout was the main focus for Chris and the team. This is where Spently has helped Chris and the team at Wholesale Fashion Shoes. By replacing the Shopify default templates with a design which matched Wholesale Fashion Shoes branding and included marketing components it increased their click rate, open rate and aided towards customers completing their purchase. The addition of a navigation bar added in 4 more clickable links back to Chris’ store allowing more customers to revisit the store.

To supplement the store notifications, Chris was able to easily set up an additional abandoned checkout sequence which helps in keeping customers engaged. One feature which really resonated with the team at Wholesale Fashion Shoes was the ability to choose the timing of these abandoned checkout emails. This allowed Chris to connect with the stores audience at a time which is most effective and in-turn increase their cart recovery rate.

Chris also points out that his client base are always looking for the latest trends, and being able to display Wholesale Fashion Shoes most popular products from the previous 4 hours in their transactional emails was contributing towards additional repeat purchases. The team also noticed an increase in cross sold products as the most popular products were being shown to customers at the time of purchase.

Since installing, Wholesale Fashion Shoes has generated over $280,000, and that's just within the last 5 months. With this success the team has time to focus on growing the business and continuing to carve out their market segment.

Using Spently

During the setup process, the Spently team was able to efficiently curate the store’s transactional and auto follow-up emails from Chris’s requirements. The builder has been designed to ensure that all changes can be made to the templates with ease. As Wholesale Fashion Shoes grows, the dashboards displays accurate and insightful data to help show where Chris can make changes to his templates to continue to increase the ROI generated.

If you’d like to learn more about Spently, or about how we helped companies like Wholesale Fashion Shoes increased their cart recovery rate, you can reach us at accounts@spentlyhq.com